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Now this is good stuff! It's not what i hoped for though, as it has nothing to do with the base story... but I'm sure it'll be fun stuff nonetheless.

Hopefully the 2nd expansion pack will be more relevant though.


I'm not really into AC, but I'm actually kinda looking forward to this one. I dunno why... maybe it's the setting, or the characters, or the flow of the gameplay in general. Seems like one of the better AC games to come out recently. I'll be giving it a fair shot. Hopefully Ubisoft won't f*** up the PC port this time. B)


Here's the typical trash shooter of the year:

Followed by what seems to be something truly exhilarating:

Not sure whether to get exited or not though... Y'know Denuvo & all...


All them poor pirates cryin' in the corner now. Denuvo has ruined it for all :rolleyes:


@jDk I just stumbled upon this post of yours.

Denovo barely lasted a year. All new games are being cracked on release since a while.

Hail crackers i guess!

On another note, who else is looking forward to Wolfenstein II? As a fan of the first game, I’m definitely pumped for the sequel. I’m already liking the look & feel of the game.


The last 2 Wolfensteins were actually one of the best shooters in many years… in many years, this one had the character and story of a proper FPS game which was missing from all COD and BFs

This wolfenstein is looking very interesting as well…


I’ve permanently retired from the gaming scene since more than a year now. RL sucks all of my free time nowadays. Can’t remember the last time I even checked back here or any gaming forum for that matter


I’ve gotten busy in my life too, but i still find an hour or so everyday to play good videogames.

You gotta make time for things you love. Otherwise life gets pretty depressing.

Just saying. :slight_smile:


Don’t have the PC anymore. Just a puny laptop for my work related needs. Can’t afford to make a huge investment for PC hardware in foreseeable future. I might come back someday, don’t know when that would be :confused: