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Faisal is dead :( couldn't take it..


^ Yeah, Ahmsun is gone too. What's with the sudden disappearances? :ph34r:



50 contestants enter the arena

One shall survive..

Finish him...!!!!


Check this out guys cant wait to buy this game:


so Hatred is coming out on steam..

the first ever, AO rated title on digital library.

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Japanese rape simulators coming soon????




Gay Theft Auto V delayed again to April 14... <_<


Guys, play Monument Valley and Limbo on your phones (Android & iOS). Great games, both of them.


I haven't played any game since a while but.....

^ That looks irresistible. :wub:


^ Minimum requirements for Witcher 3..

this game requires a quad processor server board with each quad core at 10 ghz each, and SLI of 2x Titans with 24gb GPU ram, 96GB system DDR 4 ram, 1TB of HD space on RAID 0 SSD, and sacrifice your virgin soul to satan in an abandoned warehouse basement.


The new Deux Ex game has finally been announced!

Looks f***ing fantastic! :wub:


^ Dues ex previous game was although awesome looking and controls were ok.. just didnt spark interest due to being tooooo open ended, and the stone face expressions and the same exact tone deep voice in anger and shouts and friendly talk of main character.

too much walking and finding one exact window entrance to a building

the game is great, but the character development is just to bland... the dead girlfriend was the most lively person in the game.. SMH...

just my personal views


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	<strong>Call of Duty Gets First Playable Female Lead With Black Ops 3</strong>

	Black Ops 3 will offer a "gender neutral" story, according to Treyarch.

	by <a href="" rel="external nofollow">Eddie Makuch</a> on 

	April 27, 2015<p>This year's <a href="" rel="external nofollow">Call of Duty: Black Ops III</a> is not only introducing a range of <a href="" rel="external nofollow">new gameplay changes</a> aiming to push the formula forward, but it will also be the first entry in the core series to feature a female playable lead character. Female soldiers for Black Ops III were first revealed in the <a href="" rel="external nofollow">game's announcement trailer</a>.</p>	<a href="" rel="external nofollow"><img src="" alt="2855554-blackops3.jpg"></a><p>GameSpot editor Chris Watters, who recently visited Treyarch's offices in Santa Monica to play the game,<a href="" rel="external nofollow">writes in his in-depth preview</a> that Black Ops III represents the first game in the series that lets players choose the gender of the campaign protagonist.</p>	<p>Black Ops III's campaign supports co-op for up to four players, so in theory, you could play through the game with a squad of four female fighters.</p>	<p>Campaign director Jason Blundell said Treyarch took inspiration from <a href="" rel="external nofollow">Mass Effect</a>'s hero, Commander Shepard, a character who can be played as a male or female. The overall script for that game didn't need to change to accommodate a player's gender--and Black Ops III's won't, either.</p>	<p>According to <a href="" rel="external nofollow">GamesRadar</a>, Treyarch Studios head Mark Lamia described Black Ops III's story as being "gender neutral." He also referenced the script for <em>Alien</em>, which was originally written for a male to play the lead role before Sigourney Weaver ultimately got the part. "The emotions and dynamics between characters is kind of gender neutral," he said about Black Ops III's story.</p>	<p>Female playable characters <a href="" rel="external nofollow">came to Call of Duty in a big way with 2013's Call of Duty: Ghosts</a>. That was first game in the series that let gamers play as a woman, though you could only do so in multiplayer mode.</p>	<p> </p>	<p>For lots more on Black Ops III, check out <a href="" rel="external nofollow">GameSpot's in-depth hands-on preview</a> from our visit to Treyarch's office in Santa Monica recently. You can also see some images in the gallery below.</p><p> </p></div>[/quote]


I guess COD will be more playable now without them dude-bro characters. :P


^ Also... Nude mods.. :P



The new wolfenstien is out... Its supposed to be an add on, but at 30GB+ looks like a full blown game with bigger bosses..

Cant wait to play this.. the ending of the New order was just too cool.. and emotional..:(


My favorite crime game is finally getting a sequel. :D


^ No tube

Mafia 3?


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^ No tube

Mafia 3?



Here’s DM link:

Loved Mafia 2 for it’s story, characters & atmosphere, so been looking forward to a sequel. Hopefully this will deliver.


So, reviews for MGS V are out. It's pretty much 9s & 10s. I guess i ought to give it a try once it's out. It'll be my first MGS game.

2015 seems to be a good year for PC gamers. At least for me it has been, recently played GTA V, now playing Witcher 3, and gonna follow up with MGS V as time provides.


I have played MGS Original on the PS1, and the MGS 2,..

but believe you me, if you have NEVER played any original MGS game, donot play this new game..

download the psx1 emulator or ps2 emulator and play any of the originals..

and read the entire story and all character profiles from at least 20 different fan blogs, not just wikipedia,..(even then you wont understand 1/10 of whats going on there :P )

simply reading on the snake family will get you NOTHING.. NOTHINGGGGG... The MGS universe the MOST complex universe in the world.


^ Nah, i can't tolerate those pixels anymore. Besides, once you're accustomed to modern games, and then you try playing older games, those old gameplay mechanics, movements, and pretty much everything feels clunky and is thus a huge turnoff.

Besides, from what I've seen of the gameplay of the MGS V, it doesn't really seem like my kind of game. It seems too unrealistic, i mean that whole helicopter drops the box, and you hide inside it, and the enemy doesn't suspect anything. Seems too immature to me.

I'll be playing it just for a taste of how MGS games are like, if i like it then fine otherwise I'll abandon it inbetween. No big deal, there are plenty of games, just lack of time.