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NVIDIA baby B)


I'm also in the list of "ghareeb" people now, but still Nvidia meets much of the downward compatibility.

Wise decision on time.


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<strong>Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer officially released</strong>

Following leaks earlier this evening, Activision officially released the full trailer for their next Call of Duty game. You can watch it below in its entirety.

The trailer, which was meant to debut on May 4 with details about this year's Call of Duty game, has come out well ahead of its intended date. The next Call of Duty will officially be titled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and has a scheduled release date of November 4 this year.

As you can see in the trailer below, Kevin Spacey will play a prominent role in the game. And Advanced Warfare also features hoverbikes and exosuits with enhanced jumping abilities.





Breaking news..!!!!

Call of duty line up for this decade leaked

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Call of Duty : Super advanced warfare

Call of Duty : Ultra Warfare

Call of Duty : Mega Warfare

Call of Duty : Exceptional Warfare

Call of Duty : Progressive Warfare

Call of Duty : Excellent Warfare

Call of Duty : Innovative Warfare



Will Watch Dogs really need 6GB RAM to run, or is this similar to the COD: Ghosts case? What do you guys think?


Its a ubisoft game... it most definitely will be HIGHLY optimised..and if still they ask for GB, then it MUST need 6gb for full performance..Ubisoft games are great..!!


So Wolfenstein is out and is pretty large (41GB). Based on the repacks that are out so far, i would say this isn't gonna get compressed much. (37GB from SEYTER, BlackBox release will be pretty close to that unless if they over-compress the videos)

So if any "classy user" wants this game soon but doesn't want a hit on the ratio, just send me a PM. Download time will still be an issue though, so keep that in mind.


^ Me please? i have much improved DL speeds from last time :D

but is it fully working? crack is proper? have you played it yet?

PS: i would like the UNCOMPRESSED version please... compressed versions like blackbox have lowres videos which often crash the game like batman arkham city..

PPS: i hope i am "CLASSY" enough :P


^ Done. Just sent you the Reloaded version link.

Haven't played it yet personally, but majority of users have confirmed it to be working. Remember to upgrade your GPU drivers though.


Thankyou.. you are soo awesome

* Flying kiss for you from Awais lovely..!!


Arkham Knight latest news..

The pics are ...AWESOME...!!:)


Only 1 week to go. Can't wait for it. It's likely to be the multiplat GOTY 2k14. Not only a GTA V replacement for PC users, it actually seems to surpass what that overrated game had to offer. And the gorgeous graphics of the PC version are just awesome. :wub:


The new Wolfenstein looks especially good. I read its good all the old school shooting goodies to make it appeal to the PC gamers. Only thing deterring me from downloading it is the ridiculous 41GB download size <_<


^ Agree to your whole statement. I also think it looks good but 41GB is... annoying to download on my 2MB connection.

I've decided to skip it as Watch Dogs will be coming next week and I'll rather waste 41GB on that than this (would still prefer if that gets a nicely compressed lossless repack)


I also have a screenshot of the tweet but no idea how to post it here O.o


So, some kind of "UplayRIP" is out for Watch Dogs. It is uncracked at this point and claims to be the complete legit release. It's only 13.9GB which is both good and bad if true. Good because it'll be one fast download. Bad because... It means the game won't have any giant textures and stuff. But oh well, if it looks anywhere as good as the PC trailer made it look like then I'm cool with it.

Personally I'm going to wait for the scene release as always.


Dang it, so many people are already playing WD... Oh well IDC, I'm gonna wait patiently for the scene release to show up.

People have started sharing screenshots though, and it looks pretty damn good maxed out. B)


ubisoft continues to make more and more complex games..

it all started when the canned the Awesome Prince of Persia Series for Assassins Creed..:(


So everyone, it was Dead Space, this time it's Battlefield 3 and Plants vs Zombies. You can be a legal owner of these games simply by installing origin, visiting the Origin website and downloading these games for absolutely free from Origin servers. this is all part of Origin's "On the House" promotional program.

Act fast as this is a limited time offer that may expire anyday. (once you've downloaded the game, it'll be legally yours to keep though)

Here you go:


Nobody watching Zardari yet :lol: ????