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Started playing Crysis2, man it is very tough game. Difficulty level is really awesome and AI is worth playing this game. Really loved it. Anyone else played this game?


Yep…I ended it in 2 days B) very veru intrxtng GAME !!!


wow! i read today that EZIO from assasin creed will be appearing in the Soul Caliber V. interesting!


Downloading BF3! i'm excited anyone played this game?


^ Not yet, but i intend to. That game just looks irresistible. I hope it's nicely optimized for PC though, I don't wanna experience a crysis again. :P


BF3 is just a BC2 with better graphics. Not impressed.


So many big titles are coming this month.

L.A. Noire [PC] = 8 Nov

Skyrim = 11 Nov

Arkham City [PC] = 15 Nov

NFS: The Run = 15 Nov

Saints Row 3 = 15 Nov

Serious Sam 3 = 22 Nov

AC: Revelations [PC] = 29 Nov

Which 3 of these are your most wanted?

Mine are: Saints Row 3, Skyrim & L.A. Noire. (in random order)


^out which i would be dying to play in the following order:

L.A. Noire, Ac:revelations and Arkham City

and then i would like to play saint rows 3 and all others in random.

And what is SKyrim? never heard of it!


^ Skyrim is a must try for any RPG fan. I didn't play the previous parts because they were made for 1st-person view only (and i don't like the combination of 1st-person with RPG), but Skyrim is being developed for both views, So I'm definitely gonna try it out.

In any case, I'm gonna (hopefully) play all the games in that list. B)


OOO Elder scrolls V, i believe i've played one of these in 2002-2003. Didn't catch my interest.


Nice! I think this is gonna be the best NFS game after Most Wanted & Underground 2.


MW and U2. why don't you add hot pursuit too! except it has no story line kind of thing. But Hot pursuit is still one of the best nfs parts.


Nah, for me, a game isn't a game without a story. But Hot Pursuit is still a nice racing game nonetheless.


This is the real trailer of the GTA 5

For more information visit


^ Uhh, this is the same trailer i posted on the GTA V thread. Except mine is the one uploaded by Rockstar itself, and this one is uploaded by a random uploader...


So, the ratings & reviews for Modern Warfare 3 are out. Lets compare the scores with Battlefield 3...


Gamespot: 8.5/10

IGN: 9/10

Metacritic: 89/100


Gamespot: 8.5/10

IGN: 9/10

Metacritic: 89/100

So... It seems, that the reviewers are trying to keep all the fanboys happy... :rolleyes:


So, who else is disappointed that David Bateson will not be voicing as Agent 47 & that Vivienne McKee will also not be voicing as Diana Burnwood (his handler) in Hitman 5? I sure am. They did a great job in the series, so why change them for no reason? <_<


I've not played both the games currently downloading the MW3, but i'm damn sure Mw3 is better than BF3.


Any particular reason for that? Or just a fanboy?


I don't know, i just expect it to be better than BF3. it could be little fan factor but i don't ever expect anything extra ordinary from BF series until i saw the trailers of bf3. But after reading some reviews i think bf3 is too short.

can't be sure until i play both of them


IGN is doing a Versus between BF3 & MW3 here:

To participate, simply go to the link & watch the video, it'll explain everything.

I haven't played either yet, But my votes were Blue-Blue-Blue based solely on what looked/seemed better to me. B)