New PTCL DSL Connection Issue! HELP

hello everyone,

I am facing issue as below and request for help? Please!

On 14 March 2009, I ordered 1 Mb DSL Package via 1236 on my Fiber Optic Number

(750 XXXX) in the afternoon, on 16th march monday a tech guy came at my residence at samanabad, near wadhat road, lahore. He installed modem with the pc but, guess what? no sync!, he called back exchange through my number then told me that there is no port available, sorry! but you can wait a week and see what happens.

27 March 2009, Till now nothing! Yesterday,I went to there exchange office, the receptionist said go to that broadband room,as I did. Told them all A to Z about the issue then nothing he said that he doesn't know anything, just wait ( But How Much...Decade! ).

Then, I came home frustated.

Now plz can any one help me plz what is going on and how long it will take? Is there any way to know how to get the dsl?

Please try to understand my situation!

Thanks in advance


@ Bilal

ptcl sucks

i ordered ptcl... they came to my home wid modem..... and no sync... they said that da port at exchange is faulty and they will change in a day or two.... then they came again ... still no progress.... they said that your DB is faulty....... then after doing something (which i dont know) they came to my home installed modem and internet was working (sad part was that no tone in da fone)..... they said that you have to use like this without phone... so i canceled my subcription of ptcl dsl and applied for Link Dot net and its working awesome

so in my opinion ldn is better than ptcl

PS: ptcl walay these days calling everyone at their Land lines and promoting their services.... i dont know why they are pursuing ppl to use ptcl if they cant handle it

what u need is "SAFARISH"

find someone who u know works in PTCL and tell him to quicken the process