New Pakistan Gun Website

Salams everyone.

I felt there was a lack of Pakistan specific gun websites on the internet and a lot of interest so I made one.

The address is

It's not complete yet about half done. I would appreciate any comments on how to improve it because lol I am far far away from being a website developer. Just an effort to get some information out there to people who need it.


1st of all nice idea, secondly you need to change the website layout. 1st of all look at the top the the AK47 image. which was craped from "i think" a white page and now you have placed on a black layout, There is nothing to do with logo like this way. would be better if you remove that logo. and yea one thing more, also remove the images you placed on the right side bar and and under the header, which makes website quite messy. just place on White image with you website Header logo,

Also avoid the use of multi color. normally a good website contains only 2-3 colors, Rest keep the website content unique, bring new ideas and knowledge, soon you gonna hit the top websites :)

Best of Luck.

Good job Abbas…. it’s true that artillery sites are few in numbers in Pakistan.

According to the slave make change for the beauty of ur site….

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which was craped from "i think" a white page and now you have placed on a black layout.

Nice Work Abbas....

I agree with slave....Idea is innovative, but your web layout must also be aligned to that idea. Yar I want also to create a website but I don't about HTML much. I know about the layouts, color choices, can make "plastic buttons and bars".

Err...can I help you to make this website? In that way I would be learning many things about HTML and site making and you would be learning about themes, colors etc. A win-win situation for both oh us!

Thanks for your comments guys. Lol at the plastic buttons and bars. :D

Actually I didn't know the first thing about making a website until a week ago. I just registered this domain, did a little research and ran with it and I'm sure it shows ..

@Slave I will try the simple layout idea to see how it looks.

@Coolrizzi.. Is that an offer to help me build the website ? ;)

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Thanks for your comments guys. Lol at the plastic buttons and bars. :D

Actually I didn’t know the first thing about making a website until a week ago. I just registered this domain, did a little research and ran with it and I’m sure it shows …

@Slave I will try the simple layout idea to see how it looks.

@Coolrizzi… Is that an offer to help me build the website ? ;)


mmmmm…well it looks like :P

@Coolrizzi Just emailed you.


Abbas, couldn't you find something other than guns to showcase Pakistan. After all, the only objective of a gun is to kill and right now we need to portray a gentler, friendlier image of Pakistan. Just my two paisas. :)

Hi guys, good to see you both !

@BathIsland. I'm not showcasing Pakistan and Guns are NOT for killing only. This is a hobby just like any other. When I was relatively new to guns I used to goggle stuff about guns all the time never came up with anything Pakistan specific or practically useful here. For example Gun shop owners won't even tell you the price of a weapon unless you walk in with a license, also a lot of people get ripped off by gun shop owners every day because most are noobs.

I learnt bits and pieces of what I know from various different people and the website/forum is just an attempt at knowledge and information sharing.

As for the gentler friendlier Pakistan Image. Lol, that's what got us in the current situation in the first place. We are what we are and we're proud of it. When you start to change your national identity to suit the whims of other nations well you achieve Uncle Mush's vision of a "Darmeani Quom", read men with lipstick standing on chowks. ;)

@ Abbas

Brilliant idea for web-site. I check the whole web-site. It indeed need some redesigning. It will be great after sometime (if it keep getting updated). But again, awesome and unique web-site.

To other fellow Wiredians:

Guns or bullets don't kill people. People kill people. There is a big difference between them. I never read a news in newspaper when a "gun" killed any human, there is always some human who pull the trigger.

The purpose of gun is not killing but defending along with game hunting and recreational use.

If guns are so notorious then why it is included in Olympic Games?

Hey, you don't have idea. What have you got? Was just seeing your website stats. Your website is on the top with keyword "Pak guns" on google. but what are you doing with your website? Make a proper website before launching it. Otherwise keep the main page off with single link to the gallery and forum.

look at your wordpress theme. Seems like it’s not related to gun site. some flowers or girly type website.

1st of all forget about wordpress. i hate wordpress as much as people hate George bush :P.

so I’ll suggest make a proper website or use joomla. Then add some mods, and then make a proper gallery for guns and stuffs like this. In third step make a directory for guns manufacturers and shops, dealers in Pakistan "easy way to get finance for your website".

give him the idea for the template.

he needs it right now as you said it ranks in top. otherwise he will loose traffic already comming to him.

he couldn't be able to put all these meterial in hours, if he doesn't have.

finishing the template first or redirecting the users to the forum will be beneficial for your current rank if you dont have any content/meterial right now.

even if you have content also then just redirect the users to the forum directly.

then put a suitable template in front with you current content and a link to the forum.

and complete your work for the front in comfort. when you are done just put live.

@ idea for the template.

there is nothing to do with template as such, simplicty always wins. (secondly keep in mind before making and desinging the template of the website because 80% website traffic(Pakistani) comes through low speed data links). So avoid large size graphics and animations.

don't forget to add meta tags. "description and keywords"

i hope your website is hosted on a reliable host. where i know "" uptime is not as such good.

^if you take the meaning of template only with images or stuff like that. then you are wrong.

either it is simple or with heavy graphics both are templates in their own way.

just like this forum's interface. it is also a template in its own way. without heavy graphics.

I am talking about UI. yes it is a UI that is what I called template. didn't ask him to put heavy graphics.

but I also disagree that simplicity always wins. it purely depends on the content on the website.

any ways. in short when a person comes to your site and see nothing or very awkward things on it. he will never come back to it. and when the site is up ranked then it is also supposed not to loose traffic that is already coming to it

that was really good to transfer traffic to the forum in his website for the mean while before its front site is up and live. rather than stopping the users on the current black interface or the WP website that has not even a link to the forum.

so I just intended to keep these visitors alive for his website.

@Slave You're right about Wordpress, it's a really good tool but a bit use less for me and yes the theme is girly lol.. That was the first thing I thought after I Installed it. I'm leaving it running only because I'm putting the finishing touches on the simpler version of the site as you recommended. As far as Joomla is concerned today is the first time I heard of it.. :) I'm downloading it at the moment and will learn and develop a decent and complete page within a month InshAllah. The guns manufacturers and shops listing on the main page for future advertisements seems like a good idea, I already have that section in the forum, I'll add it to the main page as well.

And I'm discovering the hard way that webhostingpad does suck. It's slow and I get DOS from time to time. What would be a fast good host for the page ? Any recommendations ?

@Bellskar I agree that a good looking website does not have to have lots of heavy graphics. I'm on the Joomla thing, let's see how that works out. I initially did not put a lot of time into the website as I thought I would not be getting more than 50 visitors a month but it's been 10 days and my stats count over 800 visitors.. lolz now I feel embarrassed about showing so many people a badly made site.

^exactly that was the reason I told you. when your site gets up in the rank. than you should act in the way what people wants but not in the way what do you want.

you have to keep these 800 visitors alive with your website if you want to keep your website alive.

it'll be good to redirect these users to your forums untill you have done working on your front site. because they will find some thing there rather than nothing.

Okay my Host is total crap. I get more downtime then uptime :(

What is the best most cost effective host out there ?

And is it a problem moving forums / sql servers ??

I checked out WP host Site5 since WP is fast and has a reasonable uptime, but all I've read are are negative reviews.

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And is it a problem moving forums / sql servers ??

Shouldn’t be too hard. Just export the database and you can import it to the other host.

(Highly simplified version of how its done, but you get the point. :P)