New LCD Buy

I want to buy new 19 inch LCD which LCD is best please help me


2. ViewSonic's VA1918wm


HDMI support good picture quality

any others option please .....

my price range is 12k to 14k

well in this price range and amongst all three lcds which u've listed 932Bw is the best option. Va1918 is the low end as compared to other two and i think it doesn't even have dvi connector. I've also recently purchase 932BW it's a very gud lcd in 19 inch range. So go for it.

buy samsung LCD.......932bw seems much better......

what about

ViewSonic VA1928wm


man when you are looking for good quality LCD samsungs beats should check for review for both.......

i don't know anything.... i only know one thing about a good lcd and that is "2ms" reponse time...

it is not just the responce other major thing to note is the contrast ratio. higher the ration better is the LCD