New forum: Beedesi + free RapidShare accounts for new members



I am happy to announce the launch our new forum '',and I will try that it remains the best amongst all the other competitor website and that it’s not just another website. On this Occasion I am giving free rapidshares accounts to all the members of beedesi. So please join the forum and make some posts. This free offer is posted on Freewares and Betas section in the forum.



^ Mmmmmmmm......

yes in one point of view it's a great offer from a person who is sharing.

but in other point sharing a limited bandwidth account(of any provider) publically is not of a use to any one.

in my opinion, sharing these kind of accounts in such a way as you did, is just a waste of time for a lot of users. they will never get their turn to download stuff.

any ways, nice forums. keep other things updated it will be good.


Nice way to start your own forum lol


Talk about misleading thread titles.... :/

Title modified.


I can be the admin of your forum. It starts invision setup and asks me to be its Admin. lol. Sort of!!!


I didn't get the point where we're talking about rapidshare accounts as appeared in thread title


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