New CSB UPS Batteries for Sale


I had purchased 6 spare UPS batteries few weeks ago but I don't need them anymore. Batteries are unused and still present in original packaging. Their specifications are mentioned below. Contact me if interested.

6 CSB Batteries

Type: GP12170 (12V, 17Ah)


asking price ?

warranty ??

Although I purchased each pair for 12,500 Rs. but I expect some loss in resale. Make your offer.

GP12170 is a general purpose battery up to 5 years in standby service or more than 260 cycles at 100% discharge in cycle service.

Please go through link provided in previous post for complete specifications.

How much amp are these? Are these available here? Where are they made? Any warranty?

12V, 17Ah

I'm in Rawalpindi.

I bought them from HB Computers, Islamabad. They imported them for me from China/Taiwan I guess.

The original sticker on each battery mentions 4 year warranty. Not sure how you can claim that from my vendor. In any case, I can refund you if you are dissatisfied with batteries in few days time.

nice batteries but amp is low in this price , i need amp and not a VERY long life i m gona install it in my prototype electric car.

thanks for your time

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