New Cell Phone: Sony Ericsson W380a vs Nokia 6301


Planning on buying a new cell phone. I've narrowed it down to two:

- Sony Ericsson W380a

- Nokia 6301

They're both costing me exactly the same, so cost is not an issue. My primary use is voice calling, and I rarely use my cell phone for anything else. So main factors for me are voice quality and talk/stand-by battery life. Additional features like built-in mp3 player would be a nice add-on, but not required.

So can anyone here help me pick one of these two phones? I would especially be interested in the opinion of people who have in the past or currently own one of the two phones, and would like to hear about any problems they experienced with it. Thanks!


I would go for nokia if i was you Coz it has longer battery Life.Some people experiance wsod with se I wouldnt recommend that


nokia 6301 is better compared to SE in features

Some r these

nice screen 320x240 with 16m color as compared 176x220 with 256K colors

6301 has WiFi

6301 has 2MP camera SE has 1.3Mp

and here is the complete comparision


If Nokia 6301 has wifi, would it work with worldcall's wifi router/wateen or infinity for skype voice chat/calling? How much does it cost by the way?


Thanks for your opinion guys. I read some reviews on gsmarena and the SE has a fair number of negative reviews (even though for some reason it still has a higher rating). I'll go for the Nokia then!


by the way sah whats the price of both mobiles. Im interested too!!!


^ I'm not sure what the market price is. I'll be buying it from my cell phone service provider so it'll be cheaper. Should cost me around 110-130 dollars (Canadian).