Networking 3 PCs

Hi every One
i want to connect 4 pcs, 3 have winxp and one pc with win 98 along with a hp 4050n printer , printer has 1 parallel port one lan port and one serial port.
now i want to know how to make it sharing printer between those computers to be able to print from every pc. all pcs are in same room.
what type of hardware is required and how much it will cost approximately. i am novice in networking and need step by step guide.
and last thing i dont want to connect internet just want to share printer.
please some networking guy help me to make it work.

You'll need one "Hub" a cheap one costs 700~1000PKR.

And Lan cables depended on the distance of the PCs.

And then you'll have to install the printer drivers on "one" PC only. It would be better if you install it on the PC with windows XP. because windows 98 can conflict with XP when hosting a print server.

Lets suppose we name them PC1, PC2 PC3 and PC4.
The Hp printer as Printer1. and HUB a modem from where you'll provide this network with internet. And connect them like this.


Step 1. And then on PC1 (this is the PC with windows XP) go to control panel>Printers and Other Hardware>Printers and Faxes> right click your printer

and select "Sharing" select the Sharing tab on the top and then check the option "share this printer"

and then write and easy to remember name for your printer suppose Printer1. below that there is a button "additional Driver" select drivers for win98 and Me,2000.

This will make the printer available on win98 for sharing.

Step 2. Now on other PCs, Like PC2 go to control panel>Printers and Other Hardware>Printers and Faxes>add a printer

here select add a network printer. click next.

and then select second option Connect to this printer. and below this there is a box type the PC name and then printer name.

like this:

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\\PC NAME\Printer Share Name


And it will add the printer to that PC. Here the PC NAME is what your mycomputer>properties will show your Pc name.

And repeat these step 2 on all the other PCs.

I hope it helps.

You can find detailed help on printer sharing here:

Thanks ahmsun for replying, now I have three more questions

1.i read some where that switch is better than hub your diagram printer is connected with pc1 only, and has no connection with hub although it has a lan port. I have to use hub and modem both or hub only.

1. For home/Small office usage Hubs are best solution. Purchasing switch would be a wastage of money.

2. Yes, we only need to connect it to one PC. not the the hub. (Connecting directly to printer via lan is a little bit complicated and will make things difficult for you).

3. I added the modem so you can easily understand where to connect modem when you need internet, you'll only have to connect it to hub and internet will be available to all the PCs.

Just wanna add some more info

Switches are much more intelligent than hubs
Meaning that all the hubs will forward the communication from one PC to all ports but switches doesn’t.

I would highly recommend only switch.

How about a router in place of the hub/switch?

thanks everyone I think switch is better as switch is available for 8 ports for Rs.700 to 800

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How about a router in place of the hub/switch?


Yes, it is in the case if your , router/modem has lan ports. that would be best solution.

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thanks everyone I think switch is better as switch is available for 8 ports for Rs.700 to 800


:) , that is a hub not a switch.

Even the cheapest of switches comes at 7~10k PKR.

HUb is a simple network device, where as Switch is an intelligent device. You can search wikipedia for more info.