Netbook - Everywhere internet access Suggestions

I got a netbook (one of those small tiny laptops) so that I can carry it around with me, ie school, friends houses, trips etc. I was wondering if anyone had some advice on how I could set it up to have internet access everywhere I go without having to connect my cell phone to it. Do any telecom or other companies have a usb you can plug in or something and get decent internet speed for a decent price and what are my options here? Would really appreciate your replies, thanks!

EvDo PTCL and worldcall

but its not cheap like normal DSL package for more info for PTCL wireless see other thread on this forum here

If you're in Karachi than WorldCall's EVDO usb stick is probably the most convenient. For basic internet usage GPRS through cell phone will also work.

that ptcl usb service starting dec 1 sounds interesting, lets see how much the tariff and equipment prices will be!

I would recommend worldcall EVDO device 100%. I am using it for the past few weeks and it is working absolutely perfect for me. It is very convenient and speed is also very good.

I have got 256KBPS package :)

is it available in islamabad?