Net Metering Activism

^ Intelligence as in, feeding excess capacity to grid until a certain limit is reached so as to leave sufficient capacity for dealing with load shedding at night at own premises. Also, the more the cycling, the lesser the battery life.

does voltronics inverter can do this above stated functions in compare to goodwe or schniender ? pl help i am planning for install net meter. Abubakar from larkana.\

Things have changed a lot in the recent years. More and more people are installing solar with netmetering setups with grid tie or hybrid inverters. State bank of pakistan has issued a regulation which stipulates bank financing on a meagre rate of 5%. The same is a blessing in days where kibor runs at a rate of 11.75. Anyone having a netmetering setup, please enlighten us.

Sky Electric in Islamabad told me net metering here works as follows:

Any excess power you produce and send to IESCO is credited /adjusted against the units you use in three months, and if your IESCO usage is still negative, then you can ask for monetary payment at Rs 7 per unit sold to IESCO (which is close to their cost of buying power from national grid).

Why at 7 rupees? IESCO bill off peak rate is 14.38 then why 7? and whats the process to request if credit 3 months?

Taxes and duties

Check the power suppliers website (for eample IESCO website) under net metering. They should have full details in NEPRA docs or their procedures.