Need to install DSL at home


I am from Rawalpindi city.I want to install a new connection of DSL at my home .Please guide me which one is best.




PTCL if your phone line is on fibre otherwise micronet would be the better choice.

Both companies have same monthly rates although I believe ptcl give free router(with contract) and free installation? Maybe some other member could confirm this.

Yes i have land line phone of PTCL .I need the service quality .If everything is free at the start time then it is good but after installation how they are giving the service? Can we download large file like movies using PTCL DSL .Any discunnection issue?

@ Sky: Man!! As you said that you're in Rawalpindi then i would suggest you to get Micronet Broadband. They have 1Mb package for 1200Rs and i am also using it and you'll happy with their service especially customer support.They are awesome, you'll notice their system in few minutes after subscription.

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Can we download large file like movies using PTCL DSL .


@ sky

As far as PTCL is concerned, i used it for 4 months in the federal capital, but it was really the worst connection ever. In 4 months, i called them for the disconnection issues many times, but not a single thing changed.

Then i switched on to LINKdotNET student package. 885/- per month for 1MB.

MBL is charging for router as well.