Need suggestion about Amd athalon x2 laptop

I didnt ever used any AMD, so bit confused about it. Actually i am looking for a mid range laptop for my friend and found HP 6735 with AMD athalon x2 2.0 ghz, in just 42000. What do you guys suggest, other specs are

Ram: 1GB upto 8 GB 800 bus speed

Hdd: 160 GB

Web cam

graphic: Mobility Radeon HD 3200



weight:2.5 kg

There is nothing wrong with X2 AMD. Its perfectly fine.

i had a lappy with AMD TURION X64 2.0 GHz processor and believe me it had batter performance as compare to my new dual core 2.5 GHz E5200.

Go for it with closed eyez

is their any performance diffrence between turion and athalon