Need software to protect files

hi i have problem my little brother he corrupts windows every single week and i am tired of that he install spyware viruses and deleted registry etc

is there any software which can protect registry and windows files and disable installing of any software thanks

Create a seperate non-admin restrictive account for him, I hope such account wouldnt allow messing up registery.

Using a non-admin account for regular use is a good idea even for your own use (improves security against threats).

This site presents a way to block regedit

thanks but any software to protect registry windows file and disable installing of software?

Firstly create a non-admin account. Then log onto the admin and in run type "Gpedit.msc" and expand computer configurations >administrative templates >windows components> windows installer, in the right hand pane you will see prohibit installs double click and enable it. You can also apply various different policies on users.