Need info on JS Group pls


can someone make me wiser about this JS Group please. Especially karachiites? Need to open a bank account in one of this group's banks and wanted to know about it a bit, like the unofficial stuff/info.

thanks in advance.

Since i trade in share, so i hav some knowledge about the group.

The group has maj investmnts in financial and service sector.

It has financed few maj deals in difrnt sectors.

As for as js bank is concerned, it has ltd reach and reasonable backing.

I wil not recomnd it for opening a personal acct in it.

Well I think its a good bank to bank with. It was previously known as american express which was sold to JS last year. I have been banking with them for last few years. what i like most about the bank here in lahore is that it has no long queues at cash n deposit section so you can expect to be serviced in no time.