Need Help

Can i get only New indoor Unit Of split AC;; Therers a problem Ice on the Jaali of the indoor unit A year agao i repaired the same problem ...ICE so its stop cooling after 2-3 minutes and stops the Compresor....Ac wala welds the small pipe which is attached with the Jaaali ....Leakage so they welded.....Its very costly because of the Leakage of the pipe Ice comes and it will leak all the Gas of the Compressor in 4-5 days... In a year I had a similar Problem 1800 rs +2000 damn i repaired in April 2009 now its giving me problem after two Months.

Basically ICE on the COIL

yes you can get new indoor units seperately for ac,,i have seen them in the saddar market.. costs are about 6 thou rs for one ton and so on

you will have to ask the ac wala how it will fit and all the rest of the technical questions