Need Help!

Recently I Had Brought A Pc ..

Configx are ...

DP45SG Mobo Intell

Core 2 duo E7400 2.8

160 Gb WD Hd

2Gb DDR3 Kingston

7300Gs Graficx Card Only For Display!!!

1. But want a Better Graficx Card for Gaming!!!(Under 6000)

2. so what are your thoughtx about my Machine?!

It's OK. Use it. You are not a developer or a software programmer, i.e., power user. It will cover your gaming needs. However, some other Wiredians might give you better suggestion on graphic card.

From my point of view, it will be OK for ordinary user's needs (Office, web browsing, watching movies, playing games).

i was selling ma vga card back few weeks for 5500 which was able to run all the haevy games till today..

but unfortunately i have changed my mind now... :-(

u can check the prices of card here and decide the card and discuss about it here or another forum and see its reviews around the web

my advice would be to buy an ATI radeon powered card as they are more powerfull and economic ....

But I m in Favour of Nvidia.....! However the choice is urs dude..!