Need help with a pc issue


My pc (p4 3.0ghz, 1gb ram, 120gb SATA hdd, samsung dvd rom, sony dvd rw) has been freezing since the last month. I removed both ram sticks and tried each one seperately but the pc still freezes. There is no BSOD but the pc freezes, its pretty random. It can work without freezing for long periods (ive even managed to play WoW without any issues) but sometimes it freezes after 5 mins and a reboot is required. Please help. Should i get new ram? clean my ram? change my mobo or get a casing with better cooling. Please help thanks.


It could also possibly be an issue with your video card overheating. Are you sure its fan is working?


could be its a leadtek nvidia 7300gs do i check if the fan is working i mean after i open the panel?


Few of the possible issues:

* Video card, CPU, or the system as a whole is over heating. Try RivaTuner to find out the temperatures.

* Have you recently installed more hardware? In that case there's a possibility that the power supply (PSU) isn't providing enough power.

* Faulty ram or other hardware -- Less likely.


yea seems more like the overheating issue than the rest. P4s can generate enough heat to bake cookies. ive downloaded riva tuner and it says the video card is running at 66'C. As for the power supply that seems fine since ive added no new hardware and its been working fine, its a cooler master 350w.


66'c for a video card is too high(iam geussing those r idle temps)

try to reduce it to at least 52'c by putting fans in the create good air flow

search the forums on how to reduce heat in your computer


ok i installed speed fan and here are the temp values:



Internal: 53

Remote: 51

HD: 44C

Core: 65


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ok i installed speed fan and here are the temp values:



Internal: 53

Remote: 51

HD: 44C

Core: 65


arr these temps at idle that is ur not doin anythin while runnin tests?


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welll i was watching some videos and browsing, no photoshop or such cou intensive stuff.


Just open the case of your CPU from one side and leave it open. I think most of your hanging issue will resolve.

It's pretty hot weather nowadays, kills the super hot p4's. They start to throttle resulting in hangs and reboots.


ok thanks all of you for the feedback and help. Cant wait to get a super cool system.