Need Help .. want to buy a new Gpu!

Guyx Am a Noob in Finding A suitable Gpuz And All Computer Accesories!!!

My Friend Had Offered Me a Xfx8800GTS 640mb 320bit double profile in 8500 .. 8 monthx warrenty !!!!

I wanna play GTA4 In Max Setting .. NFs Upcomming Game "Shif" In Max setting ...

So help me .. so would I go for dis Card?! .. Or you Can suggest me any card Under 10k..

My System specs..

2.8 Core2Duo E7400

DP45SG Mobo

2Gb DDR3 ..

320 GB hd

yeah that card would do the job for you...

GTA4 at max ?

You will need to go from Core2Duo to Core2Quad for that

Are these specs not enough to play Games in Max Settingx?!

No ur specs are not even close enough to play GTA4 at max settings, infact u'll need a pretty speedy Quad core with a very powerful card like ATI 4890 which is above Rs.20000 and still u'll have to play GTA4 without AA and AF. But 8800GTS is a gud option and u can play GTA4 at medium detail, coz GTA4 is much more CPU intensive than GPU.

So 8800Gts Cant Work Enough For me or I Need To chnge my Processor?!

Depends on the resolution u r playing the game at, at 1280x1024, the GTS will run the game, but not at max settings..... My advice: get a 9800GT which is only 1000 rs. extra then what ur friend is offering


8800gts is not even so bad

but go for a 9800gt

rest of the specs are alright

I myself have a e7400 and 2gb ddr2

and i am able to play at high settings with fps: 28

If you get a 9800gt then you will get far more fps

A 9800GT will offer future proofing (to an extent) as well

Or ATI HD4870