Need help Repairing Corrupted Microsoft Word File

Whenever i open the doc file of my computing documentation this message pops up


and whatever option i select , ths is how the file looks


Can any one help me repair this?, i used advanced office repair but it only recovers the images

I also had the same problem sometime ago. I tried many tools but was not able to recover the files, so i gave up on it. I have those corrupt files saved up in my computer so that i can use them with any other recovery software. I will also like to know if there is any recovery for this kind of corrupt files.

Yes, try Word's built in repair tool. CTRL+O > Select the file > Click the arrow next to "Open" > Click on "Open and repair"

^if it is still not recovered then you can recover the text only by opening the word doc in notepad so you don't have to type all, but will only lose formating

wzub, the built in tool was of no help, the problem remained and notepad just shows the same jibberish which word shows

come on people! i spent three and a half months compiling that document, i cant do that again, Help me out here!

you tried googling some softwares that repair .doc files. If not then try it of if you want I can post some links here

that would be nice!

tell me if they work for you