Need help here

hello all,

i am new here .. great forum btw ... i found it while trying to troubleshoot my ptcl connection .... i have a 4mbps connection that used to work fine .. it did fluctuate but always gave close to 350k+ speeds ... recently it has dropped to 100-120k which is not acceptable .. i know my stats are not good but any help will be apprecated

Noise Margin

8 dB

8 dB


52 dB

44 dB

this is connected at 4096 / 64 kbps right now


upstream is 64? That is way too low to support a 4mb connection. Try restarting router to see if you can get a better sync and then call up PTCL and have them check out if there are any problems on the exchange side

The problem is low Noise Margin, Get your line checked from exchange as well as lineman and if possible switch to fibre optic.

May be your line would have been damaged from the pole or it's not getting better sync by the way the noice margin shows that you would be have coonectivity issue and very slow browsing and the line Attenuation is not that bad but not good either it's better to get it checked by the exchange or switch to fiber optic its the best solution otherwise you can downgrade your package and according to the condition of your line you can get a smooth browsing as 1 package increase bring decrease in around 6 db of noise....