any one could tell me that frm where would i get DISH TV reciever with subscription kindly inform me


Check Hallroad Lahore, Saddar pindi.. you will get it easily


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Check Hallroad Lahore, Saddar pindiā€¦ you will get it easily

Whats their charges.

I have seen this Dish TV in Hall road Lahore.

Do they charge annauly or monthly?


Its your choice whether you pay them monthly or annually,its good you pay them annually..the charges will be less if you pay the dealer annually , I guess one month charges are 500-600 Rs


thanx bro but i live bit far from lahore so bro can u tell the overall price of it and can u provide me any contact number of them...:D


check they r sellin it for 12500 and free 6 month subscription.hope it helps


thanx alot bro ....