Need Actors


Hey there.. Well I am an Ameture film maker (As some of you mite know) and im currently working on a project.

I require some actors and actress ( glad if i get them from here). however, if anyone is intrusted u can contact me.

Perhaps, the auditions will held late October.. the days and the address will be given to you on the telephone..

P.S. If u have ne actor or actress in yr neighbourhood or ne friend of yrs.. please give my number to em/er so that we can contact.

I will reali appreciate your contribution...

Numbers: 03346124259


Facebook account:



wel u don't need to ask for actors in this forum.

simply go to road and shout in loud vice that "Any body want to be hero"

u will have hundreds of ppl within minutes


go to some university/college, you will find many desperate young guys/girls


try facebook ...


lol.. thats a good suggestion though ahmed..

neways, i just want to giv it a try!!

Expierence is spread all around the world isint it ??