Need a RAR/UNRAR script!

i need a script for rar-ing or unrar-ing rar archives on my webserver and it can also unrar split rar archiives and also can make rar split archives....

if anyone knw about such working script kindly share....

^ is the server your own or is it shared hosting?

if its dedicated you can use something like 7zip or unrar

no its a shared hosting...

^ AFAIK php does not have a rar module built in so it wud be pretty much impossible to do so without calling on an external program like unrar


yaar any other

cgi script or any other language......

Why don't you use zip or bz2? The latter compresses better than rar although its slower. Zip is pretty much ubiquitous. Both are supported by php/common unix commands.

rar is proprietory. That is why its not widely available on linux servers. Zip, bz2 and gzip are open standards.


dude i want to unrar files on my server...

i guess u got it...

^I hope following would help if you are dealing with PHP.

but the fact that ruhaan mentioned is still there. because these type of utilities are blocked by the shared hosting servers even if the language itself supports it or doesn't.

it might be the case that these utilities are not enabled in php configuration at your host server. and the chance of this fact in my eyes is very high.

in that case you will not be able to use these utilities in any way.


First thing to remember that RAR format is propitiatory format and secretly guarded format/compression method.

UnRAR is possible. If you web hosting allows compiling and running compiled softwares (usually in CGI folder) then get files from . You'll be able to call this command line tool. By the way, you might need to know which flavor of Linux your web host is running.

It is better to ask your web hosting company to add compiled UnRAR for you. Maybe, they already had it.

... duplicate ...

btw ruhaan does your seedbox has the option to unrar the downloaded files..?

can anybody help me about installing this thing

Your host will immediately suspend your account for using unrar/rar. It puts a massive load on all resources including I/O / disk, CPU and memory. Use a download manager.

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btw ruhaan does your seedbox has the option to unrar the downloaded files…?

can anybody help me about installing this thing


You need root access to the server to do that. That is why I suggested you use alternative compression formats. You can’t do anything you like on a shared server. Your hosting company has restrictions in place.

How about you tell us why you want to unrar on the server? Maybe we can help you achieve your final aim.