Need A Mouse-

I Need to buy an expensive Mouse..Read Bellow ty

Thing is...i need a mouse that works ONLY when its IN TOUCH with the mousepad..i mean to say i have a habit of picking my mouse up again n again to reposition it everytime i move it side ways..

But after trying some of the razer mice..they all READ the pad even when an inch above the mouse in-game wen i aim left..and im out of space i wanna reposition the mouse on the pad again but bringing the mouse back will get my crosshair to the right again :S

Ive heard that mx518 is a mouse tht works only when its intouch with a surface..

So - which mouse do you recommend? and is it true ive heard abt mx 518?

Ill be grateful if you help me out man.. :S

There is always going to be a certain amount of lift off distance. Even in the MX518

Where do u suggest i search? for a mouse which will only work the way i want it.

Ball wala Mouse ? :D

Btw, try this :)

it is called a "liftoff" distance... every mouse has that... if you are razer mice and that too laser than you will have more liftoff distance than normal mice... i am using deathadder i don't feel a lift off distance... optical mice have less liftoff distance so you could go for mx518... but that distance depends on the usb polling rate, dpi and also most importantly the mousepad you are using... i have heard that death adder has an annoying lift off distance but i am using razer goliathus speed edition and i don't feel a lift off distance at all

deathadder had an awfully large lift off distance which was later resolved through a firmware.

I appreciate your help guys..actually i have a goliathus mousepad and i need a good mouse to work on it with LEAST lift-off distance..Honestly the mouse i have is a common office use 250 a4tech mouse which doesnt work on this mousepad..frankly the pointer(aim) scrambles if i leave it still on the pad..weird..i tried a razer mouse that worked like a charm but razers have lasers which are bad for mouse im looking forward to a good optical mouse which would work on this pad and has least lift-off..please let me know if you have somthing about this..thx again..

my diamondback 3G has an approx 1cm lift off distance on a goliathus mousepad.

Logitech MX Air , solution for your repositioning problem :P,EN

^ Ooops. it valued USD 149.99.

but a nice idea, derived from new generation console gaming controllers, now also found some what in hand held devices.

edit: good share BTW. and so on the topic. it's really for you ghulam_phantom. you wanna buy it :/

ive read on a forum once...that mx518 has a 2mm lift off distance lol..he has posted other mice lift off distances as i suppose he is right..because there are no corrections in the comments bellow it..i just ordered the mx518..ill get it in a day or two..i hope it works fine on this goliathus..unlike this common a4teh mouse which totally scrambles on its surface..ive already wasted 3000 on these mice selections..this one is a lifetime spending now lol.. :S

Why not get a regular wheel mouse? It'll never have the problem that you are facing?

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Why not get a regular wheel mouse? It’ll never have the problem that you are facing?

They’re obsolete plus they come with a host of other problems of their own.

get a deathadder(it is the best mouse out there) and update to latest firmware and it will kick ass seriously... i am an ex-mx518 user and i can gaurantee that deathadder is amazing

tell me about the lift off distance of deathadder..ive heard it has detection even wen u lift it off 4-5 inches off the pad :S