Need a little help. lots of confusion

OK so i am disconnecting IPTV and therefore will be left with a ZTE router. I want to connect 2 PCs + Wifi laptop.

The confusion is, if i get something like a TP link router, will that be all i need or will i need ZTE with it as well? Does the telephone wire go in TP link Wifi router? If no, then how will i go about getting the connection done?

Also, is TP link fine or should i go with something like Linksys

you will need the ZTE router which will act as a modem for connecting it to any other broadband router

Linksys is obviously better than TP-Link, but tplink will also be fine

or if you dont want to connect two routers, then you can go for an ADSL 2+ probably wont be able to find adsl gateway by linksys in pakistan so easily

so ethernet from ZTE to WAN of TP link? then do i have to configure anything in TP link?

man PTCL gives a zyxle router

with 4 ethernet ports and WIFI

go for it

tell ur dsl man to bring it...

i asked and they said they'll give the ZTE one

yeah PTCL dont give the wifi zyxel router anymore, they used to give it when they started broadband services now they sale that router for 5000rs i guess

@ ammar

yeah ethernet wire from zte router into wan port of tplink

and you might need to do a bit configuration, but that wont be difficult at all