Need 4 Speed6 hot persuit 2 not working

hi frendz...

i have installed need for speed6 hot persuit 2 on my pc with specs as

1-800MHz processer

2-128 RAM with no video card

3-40GB hard

when i start the game, it gives an error message that insert the correct CD in the CD ROM and then try again, Although i have inserted the correct CD in ROM.

Please help me what should i do? How does mount image works? will it be helpful to use any mounting image software to run the game?

Get the correct crack files, assuming you are using a pirated copy.

thanx buddy.. but i could not get the original CD. is there any way to download the game from any website?


brother u just need to copy the crack which u didnt i m sure.......inserting a correct cdrom doesnt mean insert a correct cd.......look for a crack file in the cd...copy dis file n replace it with the same one in the game directory (where u installed game)....if there is no crack search the crack file of this game...dats it

u r sooooooooooooooooo great poton 12. i have copy the crack file and its working gud now. thanx thanx a lot. God bless u. :] by the way whats ur gud name?