Need 2GB X 2 DDR2 Ram

I am looking for two 2GB DDR II Ram 667/800 bus.

If there's anyone selling let me know.

yeah i have 2 gb ddr2 kingston 800 mhz , will sell them at 1900 each , 1gb ddr2 kingston 800 mhz at 1150 , 512 mb ddr2 kingston 667 mhz for 500 , and 512 mb ddr2 samsung 667 mhz at 400

Reply me at if u r interested

the new 1 costs 1800 dude 2gb kingston ram

from which city ? in lahore it is not available even for 1800 , i have checked it

Will corsair dhx xms2 memory work ?

i bought new corsair 2gb 667 bus for 1800...sorry i read ur reply late cuteangel. New 800 bus 2gb kingston/corsair is around 2000.

no problem bro , my offer is still valid for every one