My olevels will finish in couple of days. i want 2 do sum comp cources


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Reviving a dead topic, but can anybody recommend a good place to do a few programming courses? I’m interested in C++ and/or Java to start with… I want certification too because it’ll help in future no doubt.

Some others that interest me are PHP (which I know a fair bit of, but a good course would help very much), and Python (which should be left for later I suppose?).

I went through the whole thread but not very thoroughly, so sorry if this has been discussed already!


None of these require you to take a formal course. Get your hand on some good online tutorials or an ebook and then read, practice, repeat. You need to build some interest and continuously challenge yourself into building something that may seem tough. Keep writing new software and scripts - mostly those that intrigue you. Want to organize your photos online? Build one for it. Forget the idea of reinventing the wheel at this stage and infact, you may also look at other softwares source code and learn from them; they’re are a great help at the learning stage. Though, I recommend learning through an ebook.


Kindly tell the contact no for sir shafqat and address where he teaches


Kindly tell me sir shafqat’s contact no and address where he teaches


You can also learn through online courses.