My Modem password keeps changing on its own


i have HUAWEI 510 modem along with iptv. Since few days its changing the password on its own. i did the hard reset to make the password default but again its not accepting the new password? Just to make sure that my network is all secure, i've changed the router passkey as well and i don't see any other devices connected to my router other than my home devices.

So it can't be that someone is trying to hack into my network and just changing the modem's password ? and its really annoying :(.

Please help me out.


Block WAN access to modem.


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Block WAN access to modem.

please edify ? i didn’t get?


Change your router Admin Pass :D


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Change your router Admin Pass :D

just did that buddy…now its fine…no idea how it was changing before :s…strange issue though.


It was changing because someone from the internet was accessing it through your internet IP.


i am running a webserver on my pc. i have forward the ports so that if a user from internet opens my ip address in browser my website is visible to him. i want to also access my modem's page from internet. Is it possible to access both modem and webserver page together?


web server uses port 80 & 80 is usually your router interface port too :P


You can use your web server on port 80 & router interface on some other port if possible, like that you access both from wan


its happening to me too! D:


Change the admin password as i suggested earlier :)


Again it happened :S though this time it was my own password :@...who the hell is changing it ?


Its not your fault its from PTCL

I m using only one PC with my Connection and no one else have any access and my password changed 2-3 times i called and they told me to do a hard reset and do the Modem setting again...That's it ! Solved :)

Now when ever i face this problem i always Hard reset and do the setting and Done :)