My list of must have free software for Windows


tools at



Defraggler is a great free Defragment tool as compared to the one install in windows

Also try Rootkit hook analyser or Hijackthis to remove nay hidden rootkits that malware can't find


GMER is best to scan for any malaware activity.

Process Explorer by Microsoft is best replacement for task manager.


thanks for the advice on GMer will try it


CamStudio for video casting

Puran Defrag free for defragmentation of harddisk

WinDirStat for visualising the space used by various apps ... awesome app ..

Wireshark for Packet Capturing and learning about packets especially for networking students.

GNS3 for router.switch.hub etc Emulation (not simulation like packet tracer) .. with this app u can emulate real routers etc..

inSSidr for wifi routers signal strength determination etc..

Gom Player awesome media player very fast and beautiful interface

Lingoes .. excellant app for translation and offline dictionaries.. u can search a single word in all dictionaries .. it has hundreds of dictionaries...

nrgtoiso to convert nero nrg to iso so easily be mounted..

Google Picassa awesome image viewing app.. it zooms where u point ur pointer at .. and very fluid performance on my p3 computer.

Opera Browser simply the best.. i have been using it since it was paid app... that means more then a decade.. excellant smooth scrooling a lot of features

Sysinternals suite including Process Explorer

Circuit Simulator applet by falstad .. simply awesome

and a ton of more..


Steam and Origin for PC gamers.

FRAPS/CPU-z/GPU-z as well.


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Yes WinRAR is not completely freeware. But the ‘trial’ version is ALMOST fully usable and you can keep using it after the evaluation period is over.


do we have any software to compete WIN RAR ,…?


^ 7-zip more than competes with it. But there are some features of WinRAR, which their competition have yet to offer in more or less better ways.

#129 its great app for broswers


Firewall is a must have for PC Gamers these days, the real gamers will know what I'm talking about ;-)



It seems all the rumors that have already been previously spread about Microsoft......


About antispyware v popular thz days z spybot s&d & it z freeware.


SAH, do you use a Firewall too? such as Zonealarm? I just want to know if it's necessary and whether the Window's firewall is sufficient. I tried using the Comodo firewall but it was really confusing and I didn't know what to block and what not to! I have had to reinstall Windows and want to know what is really , absolutely necessary. (I installed Limewire on my pc and it was a nightmare after that, because it became infected and my windows update wasnt working...) and what about anti spyware such as Adaware? or Spyware Terminator? As per your advice, I have installed Avast antivirus.


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yes by i donta no but batterys good…


firewall is a must,think of it as somebody trying to sneak into your system and you simply don’t have a clue that some one is attempting to connect to your system,firewall alerts you about both inbound and outbound traffic(maybe some (harmless looking)rogue software is trying to access the net behind your back,atleast firewall would notify you and you can investigate and figure out why that software is attempting an outbound connection and if its safe or not.firewall can easily deflect attacker from intruding into your system by locking up your ports and only letting safe applications access the net.


Is there an alternate for hotspot shield? i want to use the elite version but cant find its crack :( the elite offers faster browsing speed and no ad banners..


a big thankyou!


first thing i do after i install window's on any pc.

1. Avast Anti Virus.

2. IDM (Internet Download Manager)

3. Adoble Flash Player / Flash Player Plugin for Web Browsers.

4. Mozilla Firefox.

5. Java for Windows & Web Browsers.

These are my must have for any pc out there running window's.


I First installs after fresh Windows

1 utorrent

2 vlc player

3 firefox

4 reload backed up porn sites and trackers bookmarks

These are my must have pc things


Mine go through list after fresh installation...


can any one specify an anti-virus by name ?