My list of must have free software for Windows


thank you -- i'll wait about the firewall, but what about antispyware? which do you recommend?


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thank you – i’ll wait about the firewall, but what about antispyware? which do you recommend?

firewall is a must,think of it as somebody trying to sneak into your system and you simply don’t have a clue that some one is attempting to connect to your system,firewall alerts you about both inbound and outbound traffic(maybe some (harmless looking)rogue software is trying to access the net behind your back,atleast firewall would notify you and you can investigate and figure out why that software is attempting an outbound connection and if its safe or not.firewall can easily deflect attacker from intruding into your system by locking up your ports and only letting safe applications access the net.


These are the best software

ANTIVIRUS.avira antiv

Media Player.Vlc media Player

Foxit Reader

CCleaner(It fix Your registery.Removes unneccessery Files from system.uninstalls stuborn software)

Spyware Blaster

You can download all the softwares from or


my own customized XP CD includes useful programs for me listed below


Firefox 2 (i hate IE)

Flash Player


Java Runtime environment


Winrar 3 registered

Yahoo Messenger 9

Windows Media Player 11

K-Lite codes Mega pack+classic media player (i hate VLC)

QuickTime 8

Real Alternative codes

adobe Acrobat Reader 9

MSN messenger

.Net framework 3

and all these programs automatically install during windows xp installation

i just relax


i m using symantec endpoint protection provides complete security as it is providing antivirus, spyware, adware, email spam, firewall protection etc in a single software!!! its a best freeware protection software for me


Best Spyware Removal Software Is Spyware Blaster


UBUNTU :P every thing is free


Is there any way to open rar documents without having a same space in Drive C. Bcz if i d/l 3gb document in some other drive, to open it with winrar, i will also require same space in C Drive. I don't have much space in C drive.


^ you can change default temporary directory location from options in winrar.


i hv ghost of my own board driver and necessary software..... if i feel any Garh Barh then i execute the ghost.


antivirus:- definately bitdefender... i have had nasty rootkit problems and bitdefender was the only thing in the world which could kick rootkit ass... they have the best rootkit detection ... other than that i have idea which is the best one for overall use

and for video i have to say that both bsplayer and kmplayer are better than vlc in my opinion... and bs player is a real kick ass player for hd viewing if you have slower hardware


Finally found this thread, Could a moderator please pin this? It really is a very usefull repository of information.


Is bitdefender freeware


I also believe live mesh should be added here due to its remote desktop abilities + syncronisation. At first i didn't think i would have a use for it but now ive grown attached to it


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Is bitdefender freeware

nopes but you can get the pirated versions from torrent sites… although you can download trial for free which will give you atleast 30 days


PeaZip is a free, open source file and archive manager.




Foxit Reader


YouTube Downloader







very useful thread


Microsoft Virtual PC

Create and install virtual machines like Linux on Windows or Windows 2003 on Windows XP


A very nice video editing software

Password Reveal

In case you forgot password written in your FTP client or Outlook, this software is for you.

Foxit Reader

Read PDF files without that shitty Adobe Acrobat Reader bloatware.

Primo PDF

Create PDF files without that shitty Adobe Acrobat Writer bloatware.

PDF split and merge basic

Merge and split PDF files

PCI File Recovery

Recover deleted files from your hard drive.


A very useful utlity to search a string with in files. Lots of options.


Removes 'aaltoo faltoo' information from images to make it size smaller.

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner - free version

Scan your website for Cross Site Scriptin (XSS) exploits

XP TCP Repair

In case you screwed your TCP/IP settings and nothing is working then this software is for you.


Check for broken links on website.

DoremiSoft - Free FLV to 3GP converter

Do I need to explain this?


can u tell me the best free software to edit pictures , to merge two pics in one ,, plz dont say magic pic editor ,i hate it