MY LDN DSL goes down during Night

Hi Asslam o Alaikuam

to all I am new to this fourm and I have just got a connection of LDN 1 MBPS package. My problem is this that during 12 P.M. to 2 P.M. my DSL connection got dc many times and I have to disconnect it via Router admin panel or the ultimate way of restarting the Aztech DSL Router.

And when I do this Net starts working but this happens 2-3 times minimum during this time because I use net during these times mostly.

The second problem is that I leave the pc at night connected and when I saw it in the morning Net status nill disconnected I found on many occasions now, and I found out that net hardly runs in the night on my pc.

So what will be the possible reason of this, oh by the way I have a fresh copy of windows installed and my computer is virus free and my AVG and Norton Antivirus shows the status of the system.

And no conflicker worm issues either because when ever the net stay connected no slow browsing or slow downloading speed issues everything goes smoothly.

Only the problem is with night time disconnectin of net can anybody help me out in this ?

I dunno about your dsl problem but you should not have more than 1 antivirus in your pc at the same time.

I wanna add one more thing that If I unplug the Telephone cable from the spliter and from the phone box and plugged in again my Internet starts working again.

So is there anyone can pinpoint the problem of mine because each time I called the LDN persons they came in and after checking they say there is a Virus issue I scan my system many times no Virus , trojans or anything else found every thing is normal.

And also no Conflicker worm also in my system is clean and fine only I restart my DSL Modem or Unplugged the Phone cable and plugged again Net starts working.

So is there any solution to this Problem if there is please let me know I will be highly thankful to you guys.