My Laptop DVD door open automatically...why is that?

I am online most of the time.

for the last one week I am noticing my Laptop DVD door opens automatically atleast once in 2-3 days time duration.

It has opened 5 times in last one week.

please note I am neither playing any game or watching videos during this time, but browsing or working on excel sheets, when the door opens.

I have an update NOD32 antivirus system and Advance Systemcare Professional (for spyware).

Could there be a virus or remote access to my PC?

Any suggestions and solutions.

Thank you in advance for your replies and input.

A script kiddie might be messing around with u and might have a ur pc infected with a trojan but this problem seems more connected to the fact that ur drive may have a displaced mechanism, just open ur laptop, pop out the drive cover , clean it, check if the eject button is all right and then try again

I have the same problem!

It might be due to virus. Because my made a same programme and due to that my Cd drive keep opening after 5 secs duration. Scan with good antivirus and anti-spyware software and check whether you find anything.