My Dell Laptop has virus


Hello people! Some 6 months ago, I had purchased a Dell laptop that runs on Windows. I had given the system to my friend for some days. Now, I think it is affected by a virus. I noticed that all my messengers are getting hanged as and when there is a popup. This was never experienced initially. I also installed Hijackthis through which I came across some unknown services. Now, I am looking for other ways to track more threats in the laptop. Please provide help. Thanks.


What is your OS?

And which anti-virus software do you have installed? Are the virus definitions up to date?


All u need is a good anti virus like norton


Try avira antivirus its very easy on resources and very efficient and best of all its free. I have been using it for the past 2 years without any issues.


but i experienced ,i slow down system drastically.......


Use ESET Smart Security. :)


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Use ESET Smart Security. :)


I use ESET Smart Security too.