My connection is not working well

I got my connection LDN last week, I have TPLINK wireless adapter already, but till now its not working well DSL light blink and net is not working while my telephone line is clear according to their technition, Their technition came and check all things but all technitions had unabled to resolve my problem :( now I decide to change connection into PTCL, Am I right? please tell me what can I do?

I am waiting for your reply

u definatly are...switch to PTCL without wastin a min ....u surely will feel the difference!

Ok thanks

i was having this problem for past 3 months, and they were not able to resolve it. i finally dumped it few days ago and purchased ptcl evo.

Mazahyr is absolutely right, don't waste a minute! LDN is te shittest ISP i have ever seen. go for ptcl DSL

Now I leave Link dot net and switch to ptcl and its working very well Thanks to all

Reason: u chose LDN

what were u thinking guy?*smack*

yeah... i wasnt thinking either*smack*