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Dear brothers and sisters,

ALLAH may bless you all,

Alim, is an information and knowledge packed CD .it contains whole of Holy Quran with recitation, translation and explanation. it also has all books of Hadiths along with important issues of Fiqah, History,Biography etc.The Alim CD , you will find it very beneficial as far as Islamic knowledge is can find anything regarding Islam by search option.The total size of CD is above 500 mb so I have split it into small parts so as you can download it will need Win Rar to extract the original file( from these 10 parts). I request you to download the Alim CD yourself and also tell other brothers and sisters to do so. in this way we can make this upload alive for long time.I hope you will remember me in your prayers.

Alim-screen shots.rar" (364.24 KB)











with love and prayers,

syed Abdur Rehman

Excellent software. Have used it since the past 10-15 years but I don't think the mod's allow direct links to torrents etc here.

Thanks though !! Even if the links go away, this software is worth a try.

previously, to have The Alim, some price have to pay. Is this version free or pirated?