Music phone under 6k

Assalama Liekum, I need help about buying used music phone under 6k. Please recommend any between Nokia or Sony Ericsson.

Get a used W700i OR a new W200i.

I was gonna suggest you w200i

Ultimate has already suggested, so go for it

Brand new w200i costs rs, 6800

If you can spend more 800 than go for a new one or else you will find a used one under 6K

go for w200

The cheapest Walkmans on the market are W200 for Rs.6800 and W350 for Rs. 7500, I think you can get both of them in good quality 2nd hand in that price range

New sony ericsson w350i is 7.7k and you're saying that it will be 6k second hand ?

buy a 2nd hand w810i

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New sony ericsson w350i is 7.7k and you’re saying that it will be 6k second hand ?

osmanzubair658 is right, you can get a used w350i withen 6k.

But w350i is crap it cannot even record a video. :S

^ Then simply go for a used w700i or w800i.

Not interested in china phones ?:D

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But w350i is crap it cannot even record a video. :S

what do u expect from a >6000rs phone?

@ ammarmalik2008 : Some mobiles can record videos but this w350i is just good for listening music. It even good for text messaging due to its design.

shoxee: I had a very bad experience with them and yeah not interested in them.

Today i called a shopkeeper and he told me about samsung x100 and SE D750 that are available in 5k. But I heard about W810i that its awesome in music performance and its headsets rocks. Can anybody has idead about its price in used ?

^ I've used w810i, its very good (as a year-2006 phone).

Camera: 8/10 (as a 2mp camera)

Music: 8.5/10 (as a mid-end music phone)

Other Features: 7/10 (as a year-2006 phone)

Size: 6/10

Weight: 6/10

Looks: 7/10

Price: 8/10

Overall: 7.5/10

You can get it used (without warrenty) for around 6000.

Well New W810i is of 7600Rs..

If you want music quality

Then don't go for samsung or any other se fone

Just look into w series