Multitouch devices can be made paper thin

BOFFINS have developed an inexpensive pressure-sensitive pad that creates images of objects that are in contact with it. It means that Inexpensive Multi-touch Pressure Acquisition Devices (IMPAD) can be made paper thin for portable devices. Boffins pressure sensitive touch pad is able to recognize......


it took me about 3 weeks (it became some more now) to get all the right parts, build it up and write the basic 'test-if-works' code which controls a virtual synth running in Reaktor over OSC (Open Sound Control). since i couldn't build it without the experiences others made, i want to share my experiences with you as well.

the inventor / pioneer in low-cost FTIR mutlitouch devices to my knowledge is Jeff Han:

Cheaper multitouch interface invented. Under pressure ... Acquisition Devices (

IMPAD)", can be made paper thin for portable devices