Multi-monitor setup


Just an update. Finally went with two Dell E2414H LCDs (~PKR20-21K/unit) with two passive DP to DVI converters (~PKR1K/unit). Tested it out and both seem to be working fine @ 1080p resolution.

Useful document from Dell on acceptable configurations:

With regards to upgrading to higher resolution on either monitor or expanding to three (even two seem more than enough width wise when they are placed side-by-side), I would need active DP to DVI-D/VGA adapters which are not commonly available locally.

All in all, the configuration seems to be working well for now. Thanks to all who commented and helped.


Welcome to the Multi Monitor Club Asad.

Good choice to go for multi monitors. really increase the work space and productivity by alot.

You ll soon get hooked so bad that you will feel pity for the single monitor fellas.


Did you use a dual monitor mount or just placed them next to each other? Mounts seem to be very expensive in Pak. Atleast online.


Placed them side-by-side. No mount.