MSN Messenger sucks?

Using Internet from last 10 years but never sucked too much by msn messenger now I think called Windows live messenger. Which should be I think a piece of cake.

After along time I again trying back to chat.

But from official site it gives 1.1mb file which again when run throw exception Error code messages.

Found also offline Installer version 9 from softpedia. But not completes its setup. & Version 8.5 installed but asking to update your version. Why update.

What is the problem.

Can anyone please upload the Running one messenger setup or give me some tested URL please.

OS: Windows XP

Just because YOU are using PIRATED Windows XP, doesn't mean that Microsoft's Windows XP or Windows Live Messenger sucks :)

Secondly, it seems that you have "DLL Hell" problem. Try clean install of Windows XP and then download Installer of messenger from Microsoft's website.

try searching on rapidshare...

Microsoft has now started using very advanced checks on every software they release and they wont install easily on pirated windows.

Same is the case with Windows Media Player.

Is your pirated XP, Validated?

Use pidgin. Open Source Messenger. Very fast, add-ons available. You can run msn, yahoo and aim too through pidgin

msn messenger never sukd! You need to use pidgin as it will give you multiple platforms to sign onto and its also free!

And did you google before puting the problem here! you should have found many solutions.

Who is using Registered windows XP then.(Using not those equiped with laptop)

If someone have Installer please share it from rapid share.

Not asking me to validate.

windows messenger rox... new versions sux..

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windows messenger rox… new versions sux…

Yes new versions su*k in terms of performance.