MPC digital TV


f4fahi r u mpc , solo or kcs user ? How much did u pay for STB and wat are the monthly charges and total channels

plzzz give us some detail bro


salam to all my bro .

@ waqar , I have Solo & I paid 4000 for Stb . For monthly subscription they are additional charging 350/ month . Right now 97 channels are working but my cable wala informed me they will further add more channels maximum 200+ gradually after officially launch .

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thx fahi for u r reply , can u tell me that when cable wala are going to officially launching their service

and are u also getting pakistnai channels on digital service and can u confirm me channel list which ur getting right now

am intersted on total no of indian and english movies channels.


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@ Waqar, Dear bro , you can check channel list on Page no 9 quoted by Mubasshir Bahi .

About officially launch , I think they will starts from next month .

Total Channels are 97 & no pakistani channel in it. They have divided in to following categorizes.

1) Food


3) News

4) Indian dramas

5) Indian Movies

6)Indian Music

7)International Music

8)Life Style ( E! , Style , Travel , TLC )

9)National Geo/ Discovery

10) Sports

11) English Dramas

12) English Movies

13) Islamic Channels

Remember! Except Osn Movies channels , all International channels having censored policy .

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wat `s the purpose of dividing channels in categories , will they introduce package system like silver gold platinum or sumting else


yes :)


f them :P:wub:


what r the frequencies of kcs digital


my cable wala is saying that kcs has stoped its digital service is it any one can update about the situation of kcs digital service and how can i resume enjoying watching thanks waiting for reply.


from my knowledge, KCS is currently running same digital channels as on MPC & SOLO . So the frequencies are same and the viewing procedure is also same . So u need to buy the STB provided from the cable operator , buy their monthly subscription and watch the channels. If its not so , Please update here . Thanks

FYI , MPC & SOLO digial freq are 770,778,786,794,802,826,834,842 & 850

Rate : 128


have kcs started the official digital service. caz previously i was watching kcs digital channels on normal reciever with no card slot. but now only few channels r comming on that recever the cable wala is saying that they will start service from next month but i want to confirm that any availible recever which i can buy from market so plz inform me so i can resume watching digital service thanx.


Has kcs digital started official digital service. ANY UPDATES


KCS is using MPC'sdigital service now


so how can we view it if i have kcs.


yesturday i called mpc office and asked him about the new digital reciver for viewing mpc and kcs digital service he told me that the new device is available in the saddar market and card will be also recharged in the saddar market he did not mentioned the shop want to ask any one knew is it true as my cable wala is also telling me to purchase from saddar




i went to rehan electronics but he told that still mpc has not given the reciever.


one of my friend has old Winerset receiver which we used to watch channels in old days using dish when Digital or decoder channels were not introduced , i want to ask u people that could we watch disgital channels by using dat receiver , is their any chances ?> coz when we plug cable on receiver and start searching channels it is not showing any channels by the way receiver frequency starts from 1000 t0 3000mhz


[quote=“mubashirathar56, post:216, topic:14060”]

Its Rehan Electronics in Regal Saddar , PH : 021-35680587


r u advertising for this guy rehan ? he has ripped off lots of peoples money by selling cheap quality without cas and card STB in the market


No , I am not . I myself bought from there and only knw this dealer thats y I write his details here . ... Deleting the post !