MPA & credit card Fraud case

AHORE - Pakistan Muslim League -Nawaz MPA Shumaila Anjum Rana has been accused of stealing credit cards and buying jewellery with them.

Zaira Malik, the sister of a Gulberg health club owner Muqeet Islam, has alleged that she visited the ‘Sukh Chain’ health club on July 7, where Rana was also present.

Malik left her handbag when she went to a room to change her dress; by then, Rana disappeared from the club. When she checked her handbag, two of her credit cards were missing, The Nation reports.

According to police sources, Zaira immediately informed the local banks about her missing cards, and the bank administration informed her that the two cards had been used some minutes before her call and suggested that she report the matter to the police.

During the investigation, police checked the footage of the CCTV installed in the shop, which showed Rana using the stolen card while purchasing jewellery worth 80,000 rupees.

Despite the CCTV footage confirming Rana’s involvement in the case, the police has not registered any case against her.

The salesman at the shop has warned that if his payment was not transferred to his account, he would register a fraud case against Rana.

“I came to know about her involvement in the theft incident on Saturday when police investigators came to the shop and informed him about the ‘crime’ allegedly committed by a public representative,” said Mohammad Iqbal, whose payment has been delayed as the bank had stopped transaction of money on the stolen credit card.

Nothing new here! :(

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Nothing new here! :(

all over TV 24/7, almost every channel…

Yar I can say only one thing that Pakistan is coming to end day by day.If we are expecting that these representatives of the people of Pakistan will do something for us,then we are wrong.

Yes if we expect something from them we are wrong so don't expect anything from them!