Mozilla Firefox urgently need help

hi members,

my pc got shut down due to power problem and when i start it then I got a windows profile error on welcome screen with a OK button in that,, i clicked on it and then my user account in windows got reset , evey program is behaving like started for first time,

when i start firefox it also started like for first time it got reset , then I didnt see my saved passwords and also the extension i installed and bookmarks , i RECOVER my bookmarks through \Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\0qyh9ryd.default FOLDER , I got my saved passwords in signon.txt ,signon1,2.txt and key.db but they all are encrypted .

please tell me how to restore them


Hmmm look for a windows restore point in your directory.

Copy [Profile_name]\Application Data\Mozilla folder to your new profile.

Also copy Desktop, My Documents and Local Settings to the new profile if you want your files in the new profile.