MOzilla firefox needed

whenever I download any file from any downloader like depositfiles,easy share ,rapidshare etc then I am facing two problems

1. I am getting very low speed as per my connection

2. The download get freezed and remains as it is for long time

but i am getting good speed in my bittorrent client i.e. utorrent ..

please give me solution that why i am facing problem in Firefox , i have firefox


^ upgrade to Firefox 3 to see if the problem persists in it

go to recommend plugins and download the "firefox downloader plugin"

Hope it will help.

Don't know why you're getting that issue, but you really need to update to Firefox 3. Mozilla has discontinued FF2, that means there will no support, no updates no bugfixes to that line.

FF3 is faster and has great new features - upgrading is highly recommended.

Its probably related to your connection! which internet connection are you using?

If you have premium account of RS then Use "Internet Download Manager"

i upgraded to firefox 3.0.5 version but still i am facing the problem

Hmmmm which isp ur using? may be there something wrong with ur isp server? by the way u tries internet explorer?

INternet explorer is like hell for me...

Try creating a new profile in Firefox. That fixes many issues, might work for this one too.

To transfer your old bookmarks, history, cookies, saved passwords, etc. follow these instructions.

leave firefox

suggested to use opera

Dont leave firefox just install IDM internet Download manager it will give you the maximum speed plus it will not stop at any point.

I had the same problem but it got fixed with IDM.