Mozilla Crashed problem


I am using Firefox and it was working good with windows xp sp2 but few days before i got an error with my browser"Mozilla Crashed and browser suddenly off.

I thought it might be some missing files or virus but i found nothing and re-install it again after face the same issue but problem is same,so please anyone face this problem and tell me what to do ?

I found more than 10,000 issues with the same problem and i tried to run firefox with safe mode but nothing can change this bug!


@ TeraBite

Download and install latest version. Try safe-mode (and turn off all add-ons). If still doesn't work then you might need to downgrade your version for a while.

But I suspect your RAM or harddisk problem too. Check your RAM using Memtest86+. Chkdsk your harddisk (with /r parameter). Update your anti-virus and anti-spyware and scan your harddisk.

If problem still persist then I shall suggest you to do this; Completely uninstall Firefox. Remove folder from Program Files, Documents and Users (search for manual uninstall in Mozilla KB). Then fresh install Firefox's latest version.

Tell us which method worked for you?


Yes i've tried everything u suggest except DSKCHK and Ram

but i now after done everything it happens again but not like before like now it takes some time to crash

anyway i am going to do again and un-install completely and then install fresh


the same problem occurred to me some time ago and reinstallaton solved the problem!!!!!

try some other version!!!