Moving an existing software house

Hey everyone

So I have a sort of unique issue at my hands here. I run a software house here in Karachi. I am now thoroughly sick and tired of all the hartals and extortion going around here :(

Every day you don't know if tomorrow staff will be able to get to work or not. So am thinking about moving to either Lahore or Islamabad. Can anyone who has worked in both cities give me some pointers on the merits and demerits of either option? I understand that electricity is a big problem in both cities while in Karachi its hardly that big an issue. So what do software houses do over there to compensate it? Everyone going for self maintained generators or are there options where you can rent an office where the building management handles that part for you?

Am posting in this section as I want to get an idea from people who exactly work in this field.

Why don't you find some details about the Arfa Karim Software park in Lahore.

I wont suggest you to move. Instead open a branch or affiliate in any of your desired city. If you have good knowledge, you can maintain a software house remotely (specially when you have settled clients)

As far staff related issues, this is everywhere even in Lahore and Islamabad. The amount that you will invest in moving to lahore and islamabad, invest it in making your job attractive for your employees. Add incentives, add goal based incentive and stuff like that

dont move man.......