Movie torrents

Hey guys do you know any website which has DVD quality movies? I dont like watching CAM and other crappy quality and the usual websites like mininova and btjunkie etc etc all have mostly these types of movies..

So any idea where i can download good quality movies ?

the above mentioned sites are all invite based sites.

if you dont wanna download cam quality movies from sites like mininova or piratebay just dont download them and always read comments before downloading. it takes time for a better print or dvd rip to come out.

I always download from mininova and thepiratebay and never got any crap print. Yes you should always read comments before downloading and it will really help.

You can also check DJNOMI's site which has some fine collection of good quality movies downloadable from rapidshare.

Yeah im already a member of Iptorrents and demonoid.

I cant seem to find a good print for the movie "the day the earth stood still"

And most of the torrents are Cam quality which pretty much sucks. I was hoping there would be a website on which only those torrents are posted which are of good quality.

my main sites are are the best simply... love that site) have the largest database so nodoubt about them) is just a special site if you want rare and good things) just go there when i cannot find a torrent on the above sites as they combine search a lot of good sites or something)

basically i download from mininova.. but if i cannot find it there then i go anyplace else... for software you should only go to demoinoid

I use




Waffles(for music)

its been over a year since i havent used public trackers

u can also check

it is also from a lohore guy named talal but it is real nice.......

offers direct movie downloads for new movies [no rapidshare etc.. direct from his own server]

i use for all (well most) of my torrenting needs - private tracker

@ Alamode: Check your email.

mininova or piratebay are best resources for me atleast.

as kratos24 and TechMan said. I'll also advise you to do so. there are comments for the reasons.

and also I often get DVD print ripped very first there. when it comes out.

no webiste can give the DVD print untill it's not out.

Thanks asad.

Anyone using movie torrents must have heard of aXXo. Absolutely to notch DVD rips. Get them all here is very good for movies, they don't allow crap (CAM,TS, DVDScr, etc).

[banned for a week for spamming] or sites i wanna investigation please guys.

[quote=", post:, topic:"] or sites i wanna investigation please guys.

investigation?? are you from FBI? :P

what about ? anyone tried it?

All releases come with terms like DVDRip, DVDScr, TS, et. So download only DVDRips if you don't like other prints.

If you're on IPT and TL, they have pretty much all the movies you want to watch. The reason why you see new movies in cam print (TS) is that cam print always comes out first, followed by DVDScr, R5, DVDRip, and HDRip. So the movie you're looking for will be in cam quality no matter which site you use. Once the DVDRip is out, it'll be available on almost all major torrent trackers in a matter of hours, if not minutes.